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School Logo

Withnell Fold

Primary School



Withnell Fold Primary School


Hello and welcome to the Withnell Fold School website. We hope you find it useful and interesting. On this site you can meet the people who work here, look round our school and find out more about us.


Headteacher's Welcome


We are a small village school in a lovely setting adjacent to the village square in the centre of Withnell Fold.


We currently have 81 pupils on roll and we have a caring and dedicated staff. I am proud to lead such a good school; the children are delightful, the teachers very committed and hardworking and our parents are active, interested and supportive.


Withnell Fold Primary School has achieved several high profile awards including National Healthy schools status, Lancashire Healthy Schools status and the Gold School Games award. We have been awarded the Basic Skills Quality Mark seven times which reflects our commitment to providing pupils with positive experiences in literacy and numeracy lessons and activities.


You are always welcome to visit, we operate an open door policy and look forward to meeting new families and old friends.

School is open from 8.45am until 3.15pm Monday to Friday( excluding optional before and after school activities) and the total amount of time the school is open is 32 hours 30 minutes


Sara Moreton





Withnell Fold Primary School near Chorley in the heart of Lancashire. Drone Video

Promotional video for Withnell Fold Primary School near Chorley in the heart of Lancashire. Withnell Fold Primary School is surrounded by stunning countryside in a historic village. The school boasts stunning surrounding where the pupils can learn, play and enjoy the early informative years.

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