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Withnell Fold

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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sports Premium 2022 - 23


What is Sports Premium?


The Government is providing funding to schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all children. The sport funding can only be spent on sport and provision in schools.


Purpose of the funding


School has to spend the funding on improving its provision of PE and sport, but we will have the freedom to choose how we do this. Possible uses for the funding include: hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches, paying for professional development opportunities for sport, running sports competitions, or increasing participation in the school games, purchasing sports resources and equipment or providing places for pupils on after school sports clubs.


Primary PE and Sport Premium 2022/23


At Withnell Fold, we recognise the importance of providing a high quality physical education programme within which pupils develop physical competence and confidence and are given opportunities to be physically educated. Within our physical education provision we also aim to promote personal development, health and well-being, enjoyment, success and achievement of all pupils across the whole curriculum and beyond.


Where possible we try to provide a wide range of opportunities for children to enjoy PE and Sport through extracurricular clubs. We endeavour to give our children opportunities to experience different sporting challenges as they move through the school, and to develop their talents in appropriate competitive formats.


The government’s commitment to provide new funding for Primary PE and Sport means that we can now look to further develop and enhance the experience of the children our school.


At Withnell Fold we are using our funding to:


-Continue our membership of Chorley School Sport Partnership (CSSP) to receive support in the development of PE and Sport in our school.


-Continue our commitment to school competition through entering more competitions organised by Chorley School Sport Partnership.


-Pay for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport;


-Fund swimming lessons for Years 3 and 4 for half of the school year

- Hire a coach and a local school hall (for 2 terms) in order to provide space for dance and gymnastics activity

- Allow all children in school to experience outdoor and adventurous activities at an external provider

Impact of Funding 2021-2022


-We have continued to work alongside CSSP, which has impacted on the amount of competitions that we can enter. Where specialist coaches have been used in curriculum time, our involvement with the CSSP has increased children’s attainment as well as helping to develop the skills of staff.

-We have participated in, and signed up to participate in, many competitions for a wide range of sports. This will impact on the number of children participating in sporting competition, particularly at KS2

-Years 3 and 4 have swimming lessons all year round resulting in most of them being able to swim 50 metres by the end of their sessions and all are able to swim 25m by the end of the year. 100% of Year 6 are able to swim at least 100m unaided and proficiently when they leave our school.

-There will be an increased confidence in the planning and delivery of high quality dance and gymnastic PE lessons.

-Members of staff have attended professional development courses

 - We were recently awarded Primary School of the Year at the Chorley Sports Awards and went on to be Highly Commended at the Lancashire Sports Awards

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