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Withnell Fold

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To begin this academic year, homework will be provided a little differently. Each week, on Friday, class teachers will update their webpages with new homework for that week. We will upload documents for parents to print or view online. If this is not possible then we ask that parents be proactive and request paper copies for their child. However, we are advised to reduce the amount of items being brought into or taken from school. 


Homework can not be assessed by staff due to differing input from families at home for various reasons / choices as well as reducing what is sent in and out of school. Therefore we are asking parents / carers to review and support their child's learning each week until we are advised differently. Homework is a great way to top up the learning that has taken place within the classroom. In most cases, staff will send home work related to the topic areas taught within the week or areas that have been covered prior to it being sent home. 


In addition to the above, Class 3 will be required to continue with the following:


Please login to TTRockstars (using the login details sent home) and play at least five games each week.


Please continue to read your home reading book at least three times every week to an adult (but preferably daily independently too).


Spellings will continue to be sent home on Mondays. You can also access them in the spellings tab on the main class page.


More details regarding homework will be posted here regularly.


Keep up the hard work at home Class 3 smiley


Year 3 will need someone to play with for their homework this week. 

Once you have played the top trumps game, see if you can create additional 3D shape cards to play with. Then try again. I hope you win Year 3!


Year 4, you can choose your challenge or do all 3!


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