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Homework for this academic year will again be provided a little differently. Each week, on Friday, class teachers will send home homework online or in physical form. Due to the effective, efficient and valuable learning online, we will continue to send some homework by uploading it onto Purple Mash. Other weeks will be in the form of a physical homework book in which pupils must complete their tasks and return their books. We appreciate some families will have preferences for both formats and therefore have agreed a combination of both options will support everyone.  


Homework is a great way to top up the learning that has taken place within the classroom. In most cases, staff will send home work related to the topic areas taught within the week or areas that have been covered prior to it being sent home. 


Within Year 3 & 4 there will be a weekly SPAG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) challenge or a Maths challenge. Creative homework tasks may also be sent home during some weeks or a table of creative challenges may be uploaded for children to complete at their leisure throughout a half term (often linked to a COJO famous explorer). 


We encourage Year 3 & 4 to be reading their home reading books for at least 10 minutes a day as well as regularly practising spellings throughout the week (found in the spellings tab).


As learning our times tables is a key focus in years 3 & 4, we encourage the children to regularly log into their Times Table Rockstar account (using the log in details sent home) and play at least 5 games each week. 


Please contact school if you have any questions in relation to anything mentioned above.   


Keep up the hard work at home Class 3 smiley



Hi everyone,


I've sent the children home with some worksheets to complete over half term on the Maths unit of Time. It's fair to say many of the children have struggled with this unit. It would be very helpful with the children's understanding if they are regularly asked to read the time from clocks at home.


In year 3 they need to understand how to read analogue and digital clocks and in year 4 they are learning more about 24 hour digital clocks too. Any practice they get at home, little and often will be extremely helpful.


Similarly, we completed a unit on money recently and some children have not had much exposure to coins and notes, so it will support their learning to regularly be asked to count pocket change and calculate how much change to expect from a small purchase.


All children should be practicing their times tables on TT Rockstars regularly. Children can use the 'garage' section to practice times tables that are tailored for them. Please encourage children to practice little and often.


For year 4's they will complete their times table check week beginning 12th June so we'll be doing one final push to get the scores up. There'll be opportunities to practice in school but practicing little and often at home will help too. Well done to all year 4's for trying really hard so far. Nearly there!


No spellings over the holidays.


Have a great half term break and a well earned rest.


Mr Culshaw






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