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Withnell Fold

Primary School

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School Logo

Withnell Fold

Primary School



Here in Foundation Stage we love to learn!


Each morning we take part in class worship or a whole school assembly followed by Phonics.


In the morning we have a structured Maths and Literacy lesson running alongside free flow provision both indoor and outdoor.


Each afternoon is topic themed comprising of Physical Education, PSHE, Expressive Arts and Understanding the World!


The Photos below show  Foundation Stage in ACTION!

Foundation Stage

Building in the outdoor area
Building our own obstacle course!
Small world play
Number Hunt with Mr Tooby
Building words
Today's Funky Finger challenge
Is there room on the broom for a dog like me?
Our Maths area
On a sound hunt
How many can you find?
Mixing potions!
Counting on
Sharing a story
Building our fine motor skills
Creative craft
How many?
Construction Area
Story immersion
Every child's an Artist!
Build a stair for the bear!
Number work
How many?
Two digit Number hunting
Baking banana bread in class
Mix it up!
We had a tiger join us for Tea!
Working together

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