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Withnell Fold

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Respecting All

It's Cool To Be Kind

As part of Anti-bullying Week, pupils of Withnell Fold created 'compliment cards' to share with our community! We posted some of these cards around the neighbourhood to spread some kindness and cheer! 


We think the local residents like our kindness postcards!


  • Dear Year 5 and 6,

    Thanks so much for the lovely post card we received. Harry and Charlotte live here and i know they will love the picture - charlotte loves rainbows!

    Many thanks

    The Laycocks (Emily, Andy, Harry and Charlotte)


  • Thank you so much Years 5 and 6 for the postcard and for the lovely, uplifting message.   What a wonderful thing to do and so neighbourly to think of your community.  We wish you all much joy and a very happy Christmas. 

    Kind regards 

    Jane and Mike 


  • Hello

    Thank you very much for our postcard. The colourful rainbow 🌈 and inspirational words truly did brighten up our day 😁.

    The Bhowmick’s


  • Dear Withnell Fold School Year 5 and 6

    Thank you for the lovely postcard and message yesterday.  Certainly one of the nicer pieces of post to come through my letterbox! Kind regards



  • Many thanks for the" Be Kind" postcard.

    It certainly brightened up the day. Thank the children for me, they did a very good job.

    Regards and best wishes.



  • Dear Years 5 & 6

    Many thanks for the postcard which we received yesterday.  It certainly made me smile and brightened my day. We hope we are lucky enough to get more cards.

    Best wishes to you all,

    Kath and Mike 


  • Hello children in year 5 and 6 Thank you so much for the postcard, it was a lovely surprise. What a great idea and it certainly brightened up our day. Regards Karen & Paul

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