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Withnell Fold

Primary School

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School Logo

Withnell Fold

Primary School

Mission Statement

Our mission statement was devised by governors, staff and parents and is reviewed regularly. We are very proud of how it represents our school and our aim is that these 3 phrases permeate all aspects of school life.


Our mission statement

Reaching potential

Rising to challenges

Respecting all


Our mission is to aim:


  • to ensure that all pupils and those connected to Withnell Fold enjoy their days at school and respect our aims.
  • for consistently high academic standards and to foster a love of learning.
  • to deliver the National Curriculum as a minimum entitlement, whilst also offering wider experiences and opportunities.
  • to promote the moral and spiritual development of all our children within a caring environment in which all children are valued.
  • to promote equal opportunities for all our children, regardless of sex, race or culture.
  • to teach children to take responsibility for their own actions and to foster respect for others.
  • to use our financial resources efficiently to create a quality environment and to give the highest possible levels of staffing and equipment provision.

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