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Withnell Fold

Primary School

Commando Joe's


We are passionate for our children to learn what is distinctive to themselves and makes up their unique character. Our teaching includes the Commando Joe character curriculum which provides the development of good sense and capacity to ‘think and choose intelligently’ between alternatives. Encouraging children to think differently and more deeply about their actions is a significant element of our distinctive curriculum. The design of our curriculum embeds the below behaviour traits within exciting topics based on amazing explorers. A vast number of NC objectives are achieved within each unit of work as well as inspiring children to further explorer areas statutorily required within Primary School teaching.


COJO RESPECT Core behaviour characteristics

COJO RESPECT Character Behaviour Traits


Determined; self controlled; persistent; courageous; diligent; perseveres


Just (fair); compassionate (forgiveness); kind; courteous; unselfish

Self Aware

Self confident; self-disciplined; honest; humorous; humility; adaptability


Gratitude; motivated; positive attitude; inspires; willpower


Creative; curious; inquires; pride; critical thinking


Listens; influences; feedback; reflective; evaluative; presence


Cooperates; responsible; cares; decision makes; helpful; unity; patient


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